About Us

HardTuned Store is part of the HardTuned Network, one of the worlds largest online automotive communities.

We are committed to bringing you the highest quality threads that you are proud to wear, and that stand out from many of the cheap throw away garments available elsewhere online.

We tailor garments that represent the scene and culture, with every piece of clothing going through an extensive design and testing phase at our HeadQuarters in Gold Coast, Australia.

Every garment is also tailored from scratch, starting with the raw fabrics & materials. (Although HardTuned is a niche brand, our factory also produces a lot of other high-end labels that you would see in big name stores.)

We now have active distribution warehouses in:

  • Gold Coast, Australia
  • Bridgeport, Texas
  • Osaka, Japan

Owner and lead designer Loz Glen has been in the import car industry for over 19 Years.   He has worked to build enthusiast websites like nissansilvia.com, hardtuned.net, gtroc.com.au, eurotuned.com.au and other forums, as well as working with racing teams & companies in the V8 Supercar, Australian Drift Series, Porsche, Ferrari, & WRC Teams as well as brands such as Takata, Project Mu, Sparco, Recaro, Sabelt & OMP to develop brand marketing and merchandise throughout Australia and Internationally.